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The Art of Scaring Your Own Kids.... But Not Too Much
It's time, once again, for my favorite holiday of the year.... Halloween. This year has been particular fun since, while Jake & Nick are getting to the point where they want to be scared a little more than in previous years, Nora & Ryan are at the stage where they are much more easily scared than in years past. For instance, while Jake & Nick cannot wait to get all of the scary decorations up and are very eager to offer suggestions on improvements over last year's setup, Ryan is having a difficult time coping with anything resembling a ghoul or skeleton being anywhere but inside a box stashed outside in the locked shed.

There have been exceptions, however. Case in point, check out the video here of Nora and Ryan fighting over the chance to dance with a Halloween decoration.

We have been on a whirlwind tour of many of the local pumpkin farms to check out their assortment of spooky setups including Powers Farm Market and The Garden Factory. Jake & Nick went on a kid-friendly version of a Haunted Hayride and, last weekend, we went to a Haunted House (put together by a Boy Scout troop in Gates). Of course, once we got there, Nick decided he'd much rather talk about it than actually go through it. Jake handled it fairly well and insists that he's ready for Fear at Frontier.

I think we may still be a couple years away from that.
20 Oct 2008

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