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"At Least We Don't Have to Worry About Someone Taking Him"
And then there's Ryan.....

It's certainly safe to say that each child is unique, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. It is also safe to say that waiting is not one of Ryan's strengths. Now there was a certain expectation that waiting in the lines to get on the rides during our trip to Hershey Park last week would be "challenging" for our dear Ryan. However, nothing could have prepared us for the sheer intensity and [dare I say] stamina that he displayed during some of our waits (particularly those that happened to fall around the time that he would usually be napping). While I have heard stories of children who were able to maintain an ear-piercing scream for a long duration, I certainly did not expect Ryan to have the endurance to pull off a 45-minute session..... let alone more than one. By the reactions of those waiting in line within a 15-foot radius of us, they were as surprised/appalled/annoyed/frustrated as we were. I would not be surprised if the kind folks at Hershey are now circulating flyers, each adorned with Ryan's contorted face, warning unsuspecting park-goers of the dangers of waiting in a line with this child (most involving hearing damage). Hey, maybe Ryan could be our "Express Pass" for future park visits, effectively parting any waiting lines like the Red Sea to let the instrument of extreme noise terror through.

OK, so it's not entirely fair that this entire entry be dedicated to documenting Ryan's difficulties on this trip. I think that all the kids (Ryan included) had a great time on this first family vacation. I do have a sneaking suspicion, however, that stories of this trip are something that Ryan is going to get used to hearing for a long time to come.

Many thanks to Mom & Dad for providing us with the support that made this trip possible.

Check out the pix from the trip here as well as the pix from our visit to Hershey Gardens here.
20 Aug 2008

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