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A Tale of Two Mohawks
This past weekend was portrait time for the kids again. We take the kids to Portrait Simple in Eastview Mall for this joyous occasion. While their free-form, let-the-kids-run-around-and-we'll-get-'em approach is great, the reality is that, for 4 kids, the window of opportunity is open oh-so-briefly. The other issue involves the fact that they take a lot of pictures. While this certainly increases the chances of getting good shots, thanks to Kerry's complete inability to "throw out" pictures of the kids, it usually equates to more $$$ in the end. With all of these factors, it might seem reasonable that, on the day of the scheduled sitting, Kerry and I start drinking first thing in the morning. Rest assured, however, that neither Kerry nor I took that approach..... this time.

At any rate, the sitting went fairly well and we ended up with a bunch of good shots (check 'em out here). As a celebration and reward, we went ahead and let Jake and Nick have something they have been asking for...... that's right, you guessed it, mohawks. The mohawk is coming back in a big way and we have the pix to prove it (check 'em out here including a couple shots of Jake looking as bad-ass as you can while holding a pink balloon).
30 Jun 2008

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