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"Smile, You Shaddup"
Nick loves sharks.

This is clearly illustrated in his requests for "Jaws" videos on YouTube and the fact that he literally counts the days until Mommy & Daddy will let him watch the actual movie (he's got a few years to go). His recent perusal of the Jaws-themed cartoons on YouTube (this is as close as we let him get to actual Jaws footage) revealed this one which is a 60-second recap of the original Jaws performed by animated bunnies. The most hilarious part (although the clip itself is pretty hilarious) was Nick's interpretation of Roy Scheider's line at the end of the movie, "Smile, you son-of-a...". He's been walking around the house shooting invisible sharks with an invisible gun and uttering his own rendition of this line.

Needless to say, neither Kerry nor I have corrected him.

Nick's birthday parties were this past weekend (one for the family and one for the friends). The appearance of The Reptile Guy at the friends party was a hit to say the least. Check out the pix here. There are also pix from the family party here and pix from St. Patrick's Day at Pete & Eileen's here.
07 Apr 2008

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